Hello Friends!
I'd like to tell you something about this video. This is from my last trip to the States.

Year 2016 was a pretty tough for me. Two of my grandmothers passed away in one month. After this trip my girlfriend, whom I wanted to marry this winter left me. And finally I was fired from my job, where my ex still works, I actually helped her to get this job. But it doesn't matter now. I lost almost everything besides my family and true friends.
Two weeks ago I almost got no money for food. All I had was my laptop and pieces of the past – all this photos and videos.

I still believe that all that does not kill us makes us stronger.
I know that somehow I will get over it.

I may call this video a Requiem For A Dream.
HQ for Mobile
Samsung NX116-50 mm S Lens
Final Cut Pro X

Thank You for watching!

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